GUEST POST: Arto Palovaara – Jokerit, And Their Chance In The KHL


I know that I have pointed out things, let us call them facts, about the KHL and clubs’ conduct of behavior towards coaches and players. It might sound like I’m complaining, but it is not that, it is just facts, nothing else. But finally I hear/read a voice that says something else than what I have myself seen, heard and read about.


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An EIHL Team in London? Unlikely.

As a hockey fan and a Londoner, it would be remarkably easy for me to proffer that London is the ‘domino standing between the current state of the EIHL and it blooming into a nationally and internationally revered sporting league’.

However, a statement along those lines would be arrogant, rooted in idealism and ill-informed. Instead I would prefer to say that an EIHL team in London is a hazy dream, one that grows fainter with every failed attempt and false materialisation, but one that I hope is never eternally extinguished.
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GUEST POST: Arto Palovaara – Thoughts On The Champions Hockey League & The KHL

champions hockey league

Football’s World Cup is over. It has been a party for a month for all sport and football lovers, though no new winners at all like last time. Germany won, as you know, for the fourth time. Hockey suffers a bit from the same disease, that there are no new winners, which would be a perfect injection for the sport. The Swiss have been close, and I hope that they will continue the good work they are trying to keep up; the hockey world needs them on top.

Well, well, that’s that…I had something else in mind, and I am going talk about the KHL and the CHL a bit.

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