12 comments on “Will Shawn Thornton Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?

  1. Or there is a 4th possibility: he is genuinely remorseful for his actions, but feels that a 15-game penalty is a disproportionate punishment.

    He may well believe that. If he does believe that, then my estimate of the man is quite low indeed. Had this type of incident occurred anywhere but within the bounds of a professional sports event, Thornton might well be facing criminal charges (and deservedly so).

      • Thing is, though, a sentiment of “I can’t say ‘I’m sorry’ enough” will *always* have its limits. For example, if the league had it in its power to decide that an appropriate punishment would be sever his right arm, I doubt anyone would say “Gee, Thornton must have been a liar when he was saying how much remorse he felt.” That example took it to a ridiculous extreme, but I did it to illustrate a point: that “boundless” isn’t really boundless, and that there has to be a limit somewhere.

        Note that I think Thornton is getting off very easy on this, and I happen to think he should take the 15 game suspension and be glad it wasn’t longer. I am also of the opinion that, if Thornton thinks a 15 game suspension is unfair to him, then he is not a good person. Even so, that does not necessarily make him a liar–it makes him a narcissist.

      • It’s not such a big leap from “I can’t say ‘I’m sorry’ enough” to “I’d really rather you not cut off my arm.” Luckily, that’s well beyond the reach of the Department of Player Safety. Shanahan isn’t even empowered to give Thornton a concussion.

        This suspension isn’t the biggest the NHL has ever handed out, nor is it a career-ender. Fifteen games is well within the range he should/could have expected from the NHL. I maintain that if Thornton believes 15 games is too many then the depth of his contrition is far less than he would have us believe.

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