The Montreal Canadiens have announced that they have re-signed 23-year old Max Pacioretty to a long term, 6 year, $27m deal.  The young winger led the Habs with 33 goals and 65 points in just his first full NHL season (having missed significant time with his horrific neck injury the year before).

THIS is the type of deal I was expecting for Jeff Skinner, albeit with a shorter term.

This is a fantastic deal for Montreal.  Pacioretty is one of the league’s most promising young power forwards, and at 6’2″ and 210lbs with over 100 hits to his name last season he is a physical force as well as a scoring one.  For a young player with 200 games to his name and who seems to be improving greatly, this is exactly the right deal for the team.  He has established that he is very talented, but we don’t yet know just what his regular output will be.  I have no doubt whatsoever that Pacioretty will outperform this contract, whereas I had previously stated that Jeff Skinner would be lucky to live up to his.

In fact, Pacioretty might possibly want to fire his agent, as I believe by signing a shorter term deal (perhaps even just one year) he would have been able to cash in big time following another season or two as successful as the 2011-12 season.  On the other hand, maybe they believe this season to have been his outer marker points-wise, and are taking what they can get.

Pacioretty, PK Subban and Carey Price are a great foundation to any team – and trust me, given the mess that the Canadiens are in right now, they’re going to need those guys.


One comment

  • Pacioretty got RAPED on this deal….
    MB really gave it to Max. No lube.
    Must be tough going to work everyday for a organization who humiliated you to the league. Good thing pasta is cheap at the grocery store… Malaka.

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