The EIHL has announced that the Edinburgh Capitals have signed 23 year old Tomas Hiadlovsky, a goalie from the Slovak Extraliga, the top league in Slovakia.  He has spent the last few seasons playing HK Dukla Trenčín, and last season played 19 games, posting a 3.20 GAA and .897 SVS%.  I’m not aware of the average stats for goalies in Slovakia, but these do not look like great stats, an opinion backed up by two facts:  the other goalie for Dukla Trencin, Vladimír Kováč, had a 2.45 GAA and .916 SVS% in 45 games; and Hiadlovsky was sent on loan to HK Puchov of the Slovak 2nd League.

Nonetheless, there are a few reasons to stay optimistic about him:

  1. He is only 23, and goalies NEVER develop in straight lines.  Only the most talented young goalies become quality starters before the age of 24, most don’t grab the job until much older;
  2. He is a former goalie for the Slovak U20 and U18 National teams, and so was clearly a highly though of prospect.  Talent doesn’t tend to disappear, so there may be a chance to resurrect his career;
  3. The EIHL is a step or two down from the Slovak Extraliga, and so will likely be an opportunity for this goalie to regain some of his confidence and hopefully boost his stats.
  4. Dom Hasek’s old goalie coach, Eduard Hartmann, states he believes there is something there with the kid.  This doesn’t really mean anything, but I mean come on, the guy was The Dominator’s goalie coach so he must know what he’s talking about!?

All stats obtained from Eliteprospects.com



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