Brad Marchand

Photo by Dan4th Nicholas (Flickr: 2012-02-04 Penguins at Bruins (72)) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As per TSN, the Boston Bruins – who won the Stanley Cup as recently as 2011 – have re-signed integral forward Brad Marchand to a 4 year extension worth $18m total.  This is a fantastic deal for the Bruins, and I’d argue an absolute bargain for what Marchand provides: scoring, agitating, speed, and domination of the shot differentials.  Here is what I said about him in my Bruins 2012-13 Season Preview:

The “little ball of hate” is exactly that – one of the most hated players around the league, a diminutive forward who excels at pissing off every opposition player, with his mouth and with his scoring ability.  Marchand is a terrific hockey player, fast-skating and skilful, and has emerged this year (only his second full season) as a player who can dominate pretty tough competition.  His shooting percentage is something to watch – it was high at 16.8% this year, but it was 14.1% last season so he could be a high-percentage player; worth keeping an eye on as it may cause his goal scoring to regress slightly.  I can only see Marchand going up from here, personally.



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