Tyler Seguin NHL Boston Bruins

Photo by ericabreetoe [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Fantastic news for Boston Bruins fans, as they have signed young star forward Tyler Seguin to a six year $34.5m per season contract extension, which will kick in for the 2013-14 season.  This comes as per TSN.

If you ask me this is a bargain of a contract for the Bruins.  I was really happy with the deals handed to Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall, who each got $6m per season extensions for 6 and 7 years respectively, but this deal – whilst not wildly different, being “only” $250k less per year – is a really good one for the Bruins – who have many stars commanding high salaries and need every inch of cap space available – and whilst I’m not sure that Seguin could have commanded quite the salary that Hall and Eberle did, he’s a phenomenal young player who will only get better.

Here’s what I said about Seguin in my Boston Bruins 2012/13 Season Preview:

The highly-touted 2nd Overall Pick in the 2010 NHL Draft broke out this year in a big way.  After posting only 22 points in his rookie year in a depth role, he had something of a coming-out party in the playoffs, having big games against Tampa Bay to help Boston get past the red-hot Dwayne Roloson in goal to reach the finals and eventually win the Cup.  Seguin appeared to use this experience to really launch himself full force into his sophomore season, as he led the Bruins in scoring playing a more featured role than previously.  He played most of the season, I believe, with premier two-way forward Bergeron and premier agitator/scorer Marchand, which would give anyone a boost, but Seguin didn’t just leech off these two – the three worked well together and seemed to share out the scoring pretty equally.  Playing on a line with the defensively apt Bergeron of course would help any player improve their possession numbers (it doesn’t hurt to play and learn from the best), but Seguin did dominate his competition and that can’t be discounted at all – he positively destroyed the competition, although he was getting easy zonestarts (56% offensive zone), yet all he can do is what he is asked.  A potential superstar player, it’s exciting to imagine what he can be for the Bruins even as early as this year.  He likely won’t have another exponential jump in production, but he should see another increase – although the possibility exists that coach Claude Julien believes it’s time to stop sheltering Seguin and increase his responsibility, possibly leading to a slight plateau or decrease in scoring numbers.  I’m not anticipating that though.  Smart, fast, skilled – think big with this player.

I despise the “discussions” that go on (particularly on the TSN comments boards) about whether Hall or Seguin is better; they are both fantastic, neither team made the wrong decision when choosing their respective players at the draft, and we’ll see in 20 years how good each player was overall.

Congratulations Tyler Seguin, and well done Boston Bruins.  You just locked up your future.


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