Nice idea here from the brilliant Artfulpuck blog – I have my fair share of desired hockey experiences too, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one with dreams like these!


What does your list contain? Meeting hockey legends like Gretzky or Messier? Watching your team win a Stanley Cup or a Calder Cup? Watching every NHL and/or AHL team play during one season, or perhaps, over your lifetime? What are your MUST DO’s?

My list contains an assortment of things. Some items on my list will be very difficult, or almost impossible to obtain, while others are potentially very doable. For me, it is all about the journey, the collecting and connoisseurship. And yes, there is an element of connoisseurship to collecting hockey items and ephemera.


My Hockey Bucket List.

  • Attend a hockey game in the Roman coliseum in Pula, Croatia. For more about this amazing event see my earlier post.
  • Attend a hockey game in the Davos, Switzerland arena. An amazing hockey cathedral.
  • Attend a series of European hockey games in various leagues and countries: Russia, Switzerland, Sweden…

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