Anthony Stewart NHL Carolina Hurricanes

By Benjamin Reed (Anthony Stewart) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As per the EIHL website, NHL 4th Line Forward for the Carolina Hurricanes Anthony Stewart has joined the Nottingham Panthers here in Britain, on a short term contract in case the NHL lock-out ends before the end of the season.  Here is a description of Stewart from my Carolina Hurricanes 2012/13 Season Preview:

The not-quite-so-talented brother of St Louis Blues forward Chris Stewart, Anthony did nonetheless manage to put up solid production playing limited minutes (8:07 per game) in a 4th line role.  He’s big and physical and is capable of putting some points on the board, though he needs to improve his shot differentials, as they weren’t good playing against soft competition.  A half-decent 4th liner, there are worse players out there, but I’d rather have someone a bit more reliable from a defensive standpoint.

Whilst Stewart is not exactly the “NHL Star” they paint him to be in the press release, it is a small coup for the British League, managing to snare a guy who has lots of very recent NHL experience.  He has only been full-time in the NHL for the last two seasons, but he has been playing sporadically in the league since 2005-06, has lots of AHL experience, and is a former 1st rounder, so is certainly not without skill or hockey playing ability.  He should certainly be one of the better players in a league like the EIHL.

He should be making his debut tonight against the Cardiff Devils.

Exciting day for Nottingham fans!


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