NHL NEWS: Phoenix Reacquire Forward Matthew Lombardi

As per TSN, the Phoenix Coyotes have traded for centre Matthew Lombardi from the Toronto Maple Leafs, in exchange for a conditional draft pick.  The draft position is dependent on whether Lombardi re-signs with Phoenix following this season – if he does then Toronto receives a 3rd rounder, if he doesn’t then it’s a 4th rounder.

This is a nice pick-up for the Coyotes, for whom Lombardi played 97 games from 2009-2010.  Those 97 games were among the most productive of Lombardi’s 8 NHL seasons, as he tallied 69 points in that time.  He’s not an offensive force, though he is capable of chipping in from time to time as a 2nd/3rd line centre.  Last season in Toronto he struggled to move the puck in the right direction against middling competition, but that could be down to having only played 2 games in the entire previous year due to injury.  I’m not entirely sure why the Maple Leafs made this trade, they need all the depth at centre they can get, but nonetheless this can only be a good thing for the Coyotes.


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