Stunning video: Jonathan Drouin makes everyone’s jaws drop with unbelievable display of skill, tenacity


Anybody who enjoys watching a hockey player completely strip every member of the opposition of their dignity must watch the video at the bottom of this post.  Jonathan Drouin, a top prospect for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft and who is in just his first full season with the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL, shows an unbelievable amount of skill, tenacity, toughness, work ethic and smarts in 15 seconds of awesomeness.

The 17 year old, who begins his dominating sequence 21 seconds into the video (he’s No.27), basically doesn’t relinquish control of the puck for a full 15 seconds – a pretty incredible feat for someone who is only 5’11” and 176lbs (and that’s probably generous), but made all the more incredible by the fact that in that time he made several Datsyukian style moves to dance around the defence, took a hard shot at the goalie, collected his own rebound on the opposite side of the ice whilst taking a hit from an opposing player, continued to summon his inner-Datsyuk to charge the net where he sucks the goalie over to one side, and then finally – in comically laid-back fashion in comparison to the rest of his shift – nudges a nice little pass to his team-mate Fournier to deposit the puck into the yawning cage.  The opposition didn’t know what hit them, his team-mates were shaking their heads in disbelief, and the crowd went wild.  For me the most impressive thing is the work ethic on display – made all the more evident by the fact he looks exhausted when he finally reaches the bench!

With that assist, and subsequent points since, Drouin has now moved into the QMJHL scoring lead with a staggering 93 points in just 42 games, including 36 goals.  The next scorer on the list is Josh Currie of the PEI Rocket, who has 92 points but has played 59 games and is about 3 years older than Drouin.  It’s even more unbelievable that Drouin isn’t even the most highly touted player on his team – that honour goes to phenom  and fellow Moosehead Nathan MacKinnon, who is in the conversation for 1st overall in this year’s draft.

Anyhow, enjoy the video…


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