ICE NATION UK NEWS: New addition to the team!


Whilst I started IceNationUK as my own little outlet for my hockey passion, I always hoped that it would perhaps grow and add some actual writers to the site!  Well as luck would have it, an aspiring journalist in London with a passion for a certain ice-based sport got in touch recently, and the resulting conversations mean I can proudly announce the addition of Sam Skelding to the IceNationUK team (well, what I can now call the IceNationUK team!).

Sam is an Anaheim Ducks fan, and as a dedicated viewer of all things NHL will provide great up-to-date analysis and a unique viewpoint of the various goings-on around the league.  He will begin posting over the coming days.  I will let Sam introduce himself properly, but needless to say I am truly excited about what he can bring to this blog, and I am confident you will all enjoy what he has to say.

Welcome aboard, Sam.


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