Stanley Cup Finals: First Chance To Win (Again)

Let the battle commence… Image courtesy of

This is it.  Well, almost, maybe.  The first chance either team has had this year to clinch the Holy Grail of hockey championships, the Stanley Cup.

I’m not going to bore everyone with statistics here, except to say that Chicago has been the better possession team in a series pitting two great possession teams against each other.  For me, that automatically makes the Hawks favourites, but it would be stupid, foolish and downright ignorant to ever count out the Bruins, who of course would be just as worthy winners, perhaps more so if they can overcome a team that has to be one of the best contenders in years.

Should the Blackhawks win, they would be the first team to win two Stanley Cups since the 2004/05 lockout.  If the Bruins win and we return to Chicago for Game 7, it would be the 4th time since 2005 that such an event has occurred.

Whichever way it goes, if the series so far is any indication, hockey fans the world over are in for a treat.

Sit back, and enjoy.


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