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We here at IceNationUK truly enjoy bringing you all the latest news from around the hockey world, no matter the league, the continent or the country.

That said, we recognise we have a massive bias towards the NHL, with probably over 95% of our posts geared towards that league.  It might also seem a little hypocritical of us to be calling ourselves “IceNationUK” when we don’t even cover the UK!  Unfortunately, myself and Sam simply don’t follow other leagues enough to provide a fair and competent analysis of the various goings on in other leagues.

That is where you, our loyal readers, come into the equation.  We have decided that the time is right to add another member to the team, this time focused on ice hockey in the United Kingdom, be it the EIHL, the NIHL, or GB Hockey, preferably at least two of those, but the priority in this case is the EIHL.  The EIHL is the UK’s top Men’s league, and provides some fantastically entertaining hockey – but is not covered nearly enough by the UK media or the blogging scene (although many of the blogs out there that do cover it obviously produce some fantastic content).

Content would include news updates (signings, league announcements, team announcements, scores/standings etc.) and feature articles on, well, anything that might be of interest to hockey fans!  Our primary concerns at this site are to grow interest in the game in this country, and to provide original, interesting and informative insight.

Unfortunately we will not be able to offer any monetary compensation in return for your contributions, the site in its current form is simply not geared to do that, but rest assured if you have journalistic ambitions we will do our best to help, or if you are simply looking for an outlet for your hockey passion we will gladly accommodate you!

Anyone wishing to find out more about this opportunity should contact us using the form below.  Applicants will be expected to submit a small feature (1000-2000 words, not strictly but as a guide) on a topic of their choice within the realms of ice hockey in the UK; please send these to

We look forward to hearing from you!



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