Edmonton Oiler fans treated to the hilarious situation of Linus Omark re-signing!

Image courtesy of thescore.com.

Get ready for some more of this, Edmonton!

Linus Omark has re-signed with the Edmonton Oilers, after one season away spent in Switzerland – where he led the league in scoring.

Undeniably skilled, Omark enjoyed a great rookie season in North America in 2010/11, dominating the AHL to the tune of 31 points in 28 games, followed by 27 points in 51 games with the big club where his skill and bulldog-like determination on the forecheck were two of his biggest assets.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for him in 2011/12, as he struggled to score and then wound up injured, before finding himself back in the AHL.  Notorious for saying exactly what he thinks, he voiced his displeasure, and though he did get recalled later in the year he wasn’t given much opportunity to re-establish himself.

The Oilers and Omark parted ways following that season, with Omark heading back to Europe to find his offensive game and hopefully attract a trade from another NHL team, whilst the Oilers made sure they qualified him to retain his RFA rights.  Rumours about Omark being traded persisted throughout the year, but there evidently wasn’t much interest.  Detractors (mostly Edmonton-based media) pointed out that he was too small and not quick enough for the NHL game, and that another small skilled guy wasn’t what Edmonton needed.  Pro-Omark campaigners hit back by saying he enjoyed a quality rookie season and that he wasn’t given much rope in his sophomore year, and that his underlying numbers showed a promising secondary scoring type.

And so we find ourselves, following the unexpected mutual-termination of fellow skilled small European Toni Rajala’s contract, finding Linus Omark back in the system.

Hooray for skill!  And boooooooo to Edmonton media!


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