NHL Fight Sydney

Check out dem mad photo-shop skillz.

G’day, Ice Nation UK readers!

It’s been a little quiet of late on the blog, so I thought I should clarify the situation.  Coincidentally, myself and Sam have both entered periods of massive life transition AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.  Selfish git that he is*, Sam decided that at the very same moment I moved from the United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia, he would go out, kill an interview, and get a stonking good job at a popular magazine.

Knowing it would take me a while to get settled in Australia – i.e. I wouldn’t be able to access the interwebs regularly until we found a house – Sam has not only taken over managing the site, but also my spot covering the Anaheim Ducks at  He’s already got a couple of brilliant articles up there, as well as a couple of updates on the NHL as a whole over here, but combine that with a new job and he’d have to be a special kind of omnipotent to keep on top of things.  As it stands, he’s done a remarkable job and I am eternally grateful for his efforts.

In particular, he’s kept up an active presence on the blog’s Twitter account (@icenationuk), engaging all you wonderful people in hockey talk, and has also been working hard helping me try to recruit more writers, securing a redesign of our Twitter avatar, and coming up with bright ideas to enhance the blog as a whole.

As for myself, well I am still on the hunt for a house and a proper job, but the end is in sight and rest assured the first thing I will be doing is getting connected to the web and watching a damn good game of hockey!  And then writing about it.  Because that’s what we do.

On a sidenote, we now have our own Facebook page!!!  Better late than never.  Give us a “like” and you will be rewarded with hockey talk, news and analysis.  Spread the word, you won’t regret it!

So, don’t worry, IceNationUK is not going anywhere.  We will be getting regular pieces up again as soon as we can, but in the meantime please continue to engage us in great conversation on Twitter and Facebook.  Thankfully, I have unlimited free access to those two bastions of social media, so I’m not totally out the loop.  In fact, a fun game might be to guess which of Sam or myself is in control of the @icenationuk handle at any one time….

Speak soon, faithful readers!


*He’s not really a git, I don’t think so anyway.


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