tomas hertl

Things are happening

In the NHL. Here are

Some in haiku form.

Sunny Days

Both conference leaders

Play in non-traditional

Markets. Deal with it.

Totes Adorbs

If we can’t adopt

Tomas Hertl, at least can

We hug Eddie Lack?

Don’t You Want Me?

Contractless Gomez

Still practices with Devils

Dude can’t take a hint


Not to be outdone

The Rangers have Kaberle

Doing the same thing


We hope they both sign.

Then we can party like it’s


The Buffalo Sabres

<Staring at the ground>

<Shaking our heads in disgust>

<At a loss for words>

Poor, Victimized Slava

Voynov’s suspension

Has him “frustrated.” Cry me

A fucking river.

Fingers Crossed

Teams seem a little

More cautious with concussions.

Could this last through June?

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