Things are happening

In the NHL. Here are

Some in haiku form.

The Oilers Still Suck

“Oilers suck” haiku

Will stop when the sucking does.

Ball’s in your court, guys.

Leafs’ ‘Controversies’

Here, 17 more

Syllables than Toronto’s

Hissy fits deserve.

Freaks and Beaks

Stoner might have mumps:

Ducks injury report, or

Seth Rogen film pitch?

Tough Birds

No mumps for the Pens.

Just cancer, strokes, blood clots – and

The division lead.

Just Another Day in Buffalo

Game postponed because

There was too much snow blocking

The path to the ice.

Math is Hard

With 3/4 of teams

At or above .500

The NHL flunks.

Flyers Honour Lindros

Grayer and wider,

Three teams removed, Big E still

Belongs in Philly.

Rest in Peace

Gold medal titans

Red Army and Maple Leaf

Tikhonov and Quinn


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