No haiku this week.

Edmonton’s so bad they need

A sonnet instead.

Oilers! Oh, Oilers!

Behold the ruins littering this place

Where once a proud and noble franchise stood!

Each Oilers game seems to seek to erase

The memory of when this team was good.


Think back, if it gives succor, to the days

Of Gretz and Kurri, Anderson and Mess,

When Coffey could make great defensive plays

And Fuhr knew how to stop the puck, no less.


And now? They’ve thrice had first pick overall –

Chose Hall and RNH and failed for Nail –

Yet progress there moves barely at a crawl.

Those three (plus Eberle) must yearn to bail.


Must young McDavid join their hockey hell?

Just time – and Sabres’ management – will tell.


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