Things are happening

In the NHL. Here are

Some in haiku form.

At Long Last

Edmonton won one!

At last Mac T can exhale.

Mac D, not so much.

Ottawa + Alfredsson 4Ever

Detroit dalliance

All but forgotten, Alfie

Retired a Sen.

Devils + Brodeur 4Ever

Devs fans love Marty

Enough to cheer the Blues. Just,

Please, not for too long.

Vegas Expansion

It’s coming. Prepare

For the relentless barrage

Of casino puns.

Meanwhile, in Arizona…

It’s just like Bettman

To add a new desert team

While the old one twists.

Get Your Shots, Kids

Mumps! The mumps the mumps

The mumps! The painful viral

Bumps! Keep breaking out!

RIP Mr. Beliveau

All class, no ego

His talent was topped only

By his character.

Finally, here’s a

Guest haiku from a reader.

Thanks, @cindiepal!

In Den-Isle

I’m still waiting for

The rug under the Isles

To be pulled away.

(Want to contribute

Your own guest haiku next week?

Tweet @MGeschwind!)

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