This Week’s NHL Hockey 101 Highlights | 12/14/14

So, after missing last week’s article for personal reasons, here are this week’s NHL hockey 101 highlights.

5. New Jersey Devils @ Carolina Hurricanes (12/8/14)

Adam Henrique gives the Devils a 2-1 lead on the PP.

The play starts at the 37-second mark of the video. Scott Gomez has the puck at the corner of the boards. He passes it to Jaromir Jagr, who takes it behind the net. As he swings a pass from behind the net, two Carolina defenders are caught out of position in the slot as they have no idea that the eventual goal-scorer, Adam Henrique, is just waiting to slide in. One of the defensemen realize it too late and forward Jay McClement is unable to poke the puck off of Henrique’s stick. It’s one-timed into the back of the net. 2-1 Devils on the man-advantage.


4. Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Rangers (12/8/14)

JT Miller taps the puck in to tie the game at 1.

At the 37-second mark of this video, forward Dominic Moore skates against the Penguins’ Paul Martin on the backcheck. He’s going to poke the puck off his stick in the Neutral Zone to force the turnover.


Now that play’s gone the other way, you’ve got a potential little 2-on-1 situation for the Rangers

Eventually, Marty St. Louis (#26) is just going to pick the puck up along the boards into the OZ and feed Miller a beautiful pass for a tap-in past Marc-Andre Fleury and it’s a tie game at 1.


3. Edmonton Oilers @ San Jose Sharks (12/9/14)

Joe Pavelski gives the Sharks the 1-0 lead early in the first.

Okay. I’ll admit this was a lot of Home bias by me because I’m a Sharks fan. Honestly, though, how can you NOT love this goal by the Big Pavelski? The whole thing starts at the 20-second mark of the video. Former Captain Joe Thornton goes in on the forecheck as the puck is rimmed along the boards. The Oilers try to get the puck and break out of their own zone, but then Sharks defenseman Justin Braun gets in the way of that. He helps the keep the puck in the zone.

Jumbo now has the puck, and now note Joe Pavelski just waiting on the right face-off circle.

Thornton does what he does best with the puck as one of the NHL’s elite playmaking centermen and, you guessed it, feeds a great backhand pass to Pavs. Pavelski whips a beautiful backhander past the Oilers’ netminder, Ben Scriven, and the Sharks strike early in the first to gain the 1-0 lead.


2. Edmonton Oilers @ San Jose Sharks (12/9/14)

Pavelski finishes a beautiful tic-tac-toe play to make it 4-2 Sharks on the PP.

No, this one wasn’t out of bias. At 1:39 into the video, Joe Thornton has just gotten the puck from Brent Burns, and this is just quick passing. He waits and patiently feeds the puck to Patrick Marleau who one-touches it to Pavelski, who finishes off a beauty tic-tac passing play.


1. Toronto Maple Leafs @ Detroit Red Wings (12/10/14)

Phil Kessel ties the game at 1.

At 1:09 of the video, the Leafs’ James van Riemsdyk skates through the Neutral Zone into the Offensive Zone and he’s got Phil Kessel with him. You can see as Kessel trails into the zone, van Riemsdyk decides he can’t get a good backhand pass off to Kessel with a Red Wing on him.

So, what does he do? He waits ’til Kessel skates towards and at the net and slips a nice pass while continuing to fight off the Red Wing on him. The Red Wing at the front can’t get to the puck in time and the Leafs tie it at 1.


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