Sabres – Ode to the Tank

It was the start of the season and all through the land,

Loyal Sabres fans gathered, jerseys in hand.

Fans sighed and made peace with a painful truth,

The season would hurt even though RJ was back in the booth.

GM Murray had stated plainly and quick,

We were in for a long one and our skin better be thick.

We were going to lose, and lose quite a bit.

Last place in the league was the expected result,

And some fans had turned this into a silly tumult.

They sang about losing as though it were great,

Cheers they put up for each lousy skate.

They were taking such joy in watching us tank,

They thought finishing last you could take to the bank.

They watched us lose 10 games the first month of the season,

Accepting a choice draft pick as a good enough reason.

Then comes November and the losing streak increases,

Until one day a win comes in Toronto of all places.

Three wins in a row for the first time all season!

The Tank fans scoff, “This does not please us!”

Then came two more wins against teams sure to beat us,

But say Tank fans, “It’s only two wins, there’s no need to fuss.”

As Christmas draws near, we see lots of improvement,

The boys even silence the Embrace the Tank movement.

First Zemgus, then Tyler, then Matt. And what’s this?

Even our defensemen can get the puck off their stick!

Now Myers, now Risto, and finally Nick,

All put the puck in while Tank fans feel sick.

“We’re blowing our shot, we should be tanking but are not!”

They whine, they complain, they holler, and chatter.

“Where will we finish? Surely not last! We have to stop now! Losing does matter!”

You’re know, said GM Murray, losing does suck.

And in case you all missed it, I give zero F*cks!

I want a good team, I’ll do what I must.

But at the cost of a season? Have you all gone nuts?

Our guys deserve better than your jeers and disdain,

They bust their asses to play this great game.

They show up to practice, they work, and they travel.

A win in each rink is for what they do battle.

It’s guys like Jhonas and Drew who work as a team,

That will get us into the playoffs the spring of 2015.

For what great player wants to come to a city,

Where all the fans do is complain and seek pity?

“We want a cup!”, you all want to cry,

But have you really been watching as our boys try and try?

We might get a #1 pick, we might get passed by,

But either way we deserve to have pride.

Pride in our city and pride in our team,

A winning season is what we all need.

So, say I to our players and coaches alike,

Let’s give it our best and put up a fight.

Let’s win for our fans, the gold and the blue,

Those who are here and who always stay true.

We’re going to win all the games that we can,

We’re going to show all these ungrateful Tank fans.

The Sabres are a great team even when the score’s bad, because we give it our heart.

And even an ‘ol Grinch can’t deny us that part.

Then the team heard a noise as they entered the rink,

We must be insane they started to think.

But they heard it most loud when on to the ice they did go.

We love the Sabres, – Let’s Go Buffalo!


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