Things are happening
In the NHL. Here are
Some in haiku form.

Teemu Forever!

You can still come back

Post-number retirement.

Hint, hint, Finnish Flash…


(Though you can’t come back

Til the ceremony ends.

So, March, earliest.)

Yeo No

In Minnesota

The head coach keeps losing things:

Games, his cool, …his job?

Going, Er, Staying Viral

First mumps, now mono

What’s next? Measles? Polio?

The Bubonic Plague?

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Snubs! Slackers! Fan rage!

It’s the All-Star Game, people –

Lighten the hell up.

That Said…

Petals on the breeze.

So shall be the Chara-less

Hardest shot contest.

Finally, here are

Two haiku from a reader.

Thanks, Rachel Donner!


Fallen Leaf

Farewell Randy C.

We’ll always have the toaster.

But you are the toast.


Not the Best Kessel.

The Uncoachable Kessel.

Beat writers beware.


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