Shattenkirk And Tarasenko Are 2015 NHL All-Stars

The St. Louis Blues have two great players headed to the festivities of the 2015 NHL All-Star game. Kevin Shattenkirk, the 25 year old defenseman, and Vladimir Tarasenko, the 23 year old forward, are making their first all-star appearance. The two are good friends; they came to St. Louis the same year and were roommates on the road.

There were several Blues’ players who were very deserving of being called All-Star. David Backes, TJ Oshie and Alex Pietrangelo are the other three players that come to mind when thinking about worthy players. So why did these players get snubbed?


When you look at the list of great players who were snubbed, it really is not surprising. What is an All-Star weekend without Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Lundqvist, the Sedin twins or Erik Karlsson? Did players get a look at the hideous 2015 All Star jerseys and say thanks, but no thanks?

David Backes

Backes has experienced the excitement of being an all-star. He has proven that he is not just a capable player, but an exceptional leader. This season Backes has had his share of injuries, but he has also been on fire lately and steadily evolving his game to compliment his teammates.

Backes should have been a 2015 All-Star, he would have been an asset for his team and proven once again that he is an adaptable player.

TJ Oshie

The Olympic hero has had a turbulent time this season, with injuries, illnesses and the death of a family member. Oshie has kept his calm and proven that he has matured greatly both as a person and as a player. Oshie’s playmaking ability keeps his opponents on their toes and fans electrified.

Oshie will just have to wait until next year for another shot at becoming an all-star.

Alex Pietrangelo

Pietrangelo was a member of the gold medal winning Team Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics. He is a young player with a lot of potential that has still not been tapped. Pietrangelo is becoming a leader off the ice as well as during intense game situations.

He should have been an all-star this year as he has been an integral part of the team’s success.

Kevin Shattenkirk

Shattenkirk is the first defenseman to make the All-Star team since Chris Pronger in 2004. That is saying something in itself! Shattenkirk has exploded this season and shown his coaches and teammates that he can play at an elite level. He is playing consistently and making opponents have to watch him closely.

Of course Shattenkirk deserves to be a 2015 All-Star and he will give 100% that weekend and prove why he belongs there.

Vladimir Tarasenko

Tarasenko is a talented young player who electrifies the crowd and makes his opponents pay for the slightest mistake. He is a tough player with that Russian finesse that makes what he does look effortless. Tarasenko was a great choice to represent the St. Louis Blues at the 2015 All-Star Game. He will be able to adapt well to his temporary teammates without being overly star-struck.

Tarasenko will be fun to watch that weekend whether it is in the skills challenge or the actual all-star game.


The players of the 2015 All-Star game are as unique as the jerseys they will don. There were a lot of players who were shunned, some who probably should not be going and several more who definitely deserved the honor. The unveiling of the 2015 All-Stars was interesting to watch and the reaction of the fans is even more interesting.

For St. Louis, there should have been more players heading to Columbus for the All-Star weekend, but the two who are going will represent the Blues and the city of St. Louis well.

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