Did Martin Brodeur Use The Blues To Stick It To The Devils?


It is official. Martin Brodeur has requested, and been granted, a leave of absence from the St. Louis Blues to think over his career and decide his future. He has headed home for a week of contemplation. When St. Louis goalie Brian Elliott went down with a serious knee injury the Blues scrambled to fill a void. Back-up goalie Jake Allen was not up to the task of carrying the team on a daily basis and there was no experienced goalie within the system that they were confident in.

Enter Martin Brodeur. The 42 year old former New Jersey Devils netminder was seeking retribution and redemption. He had something to prove. Brodeur, even at age 42, was not a washed-up has been. He still had a lot of life left in him and he was out to prove it to the Devils organization and their fans.

When he came to St. Louis, I was remembering the disaster that was Ryan Miller. Brodeur came into St. Louis with a more humble attitude than Miller and got right to work. He helped mentor young Allen and having Brodeur in the locker room was an asset for him. Brodeur was very willing to interact with the players and fans of St. Louis, whereas Miller had held himself apart.

So, as Brodeur settled into St. Louis, he started proving that age is truly just a number. With the Blues Brodeur had a goals against average of 2.87 and .899 save percentage, Brodeur showed that he could still win games. When he signed with the Blues many speculated that he wanted to stick it to the New Jersey Devils and prove that he was not finished. Others speculated that he was out to win a Stanley Cup. If he calls it quits now, then those claiming he was seeking a Cup are wrong. If this is truly the end, then Brodeur was truly out to prove a point.

Everyone thought Brodeur was in St. Louis for the duration of the season when his new mask arrived, proudly honoring his new team. Perhaps this new mask is but another trophy for Brodeur. Many wonder if the strain of the past few months has finally taken a toll on his body and that is why he requested the time off. I guess we all sit back and wait for Brodeur’s final decision.

While St. Louis waits with bated breath on whether or not Brodeur is finished, Elliott has a few games to prove to the coaches, management and the fans that he is truly back and able to handle the job. Elliott’s injury made everyone begin to second guess his ability to be a steady, consistent and winning netminder. St. Louis has a talented, defensive team that can be a contender for the Stanley Cup with or without Brodeur.

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