THIS WEEK IN NHL HAIKU – 16/2/15!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_780/kane-evander-01831413.jpg

Things are happening

In the NHL. Here are

Some in haiku form.

Summary of the Week of 9/2/15

A track suit got wet

Prompting a blockbuster trade

And some surgery.

Happy 43rd Birthday, Jaromir

Enjoy Jagr now

He’ll probably only play

For 10 more years, max


Which probably means

Seven more NHL teams

Plus three years in Czech

Coals to Newcastle

Vegas wants hockey

So they will finally have

Something fun to do.


So much hate from fans

You’d think he kicked their grandmas

Or cooked all their pets.

Jokinen on the Move

The Leafs made a trade

And will soon make another

Or so Olli prays.

Trade Deadline Approaches

Often a letdown

But with so many tankers

This year’s might be good.

Sad Truth

At this time of year

Tanking teams create more fun

Than contenders do.


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