Things are happening

In the NHL. Here are

Some in haiku form.


Sens are on a tear

Andrew Hammond* leads the way

Burgers go flying


Players eating food

Fans threw onto post-game ice?

Been that kind of year.

Push For the Playoffs

Bruins! Sens! Panthers!

Tight race to see which East team

Gets bounced in Round One!


Not so in the West

Where the Kings seem destined to

Sneak in, win the Cup

Meanwhile, In San Jose

At long last the Sharks

Will stop breaking fans’ hearts through

Postseason choking.

3-On-3 OT Proposal

Skills competition

Meant to prevent existing

Skills competition

Past Storylines, Revisited

Mumps seem to be done

Tanks continue to roll on

Jagr is still old

*Why Not Use Hammond’s Cute Nickname, Haiku Writer?

Is it Ham-bur-glar

Or Ham-Burgle-ar?

Syllabic nightmare


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