Things are happening

In the NHL. Here are

Some in haiku form.

Kovalchuk’s Rumoured Return

Highly unlikely

But let’s pretend that it’s not.

It’s more fun that way.

“If the Playoffs Started Today…”

…no one’d be ready

…some teams would have games in hand

…they’d end way too soon

Milbury Would Have Done It

Columnist to Pens:

“Trade Crosby for McDavid.”

Good thinking, Einstein!

Recap So Far:

Kovy comeback? Nope.

Playoffs starting today? Nope.

Swap Sid for pick? Nope.

The Sabres Conundrum

Management’s tanking

Players keep trying to win

Which side should fans cheer?

Playoff Races

Jets in and Kings out?

There’s no way that can hold up.

It’s just too far-fetched.


Bruins in, Sens out?

That’s much more realistic.

Sorry, Ottawa.

Detroit Goalie Controversy

We’re told there is one.

To be completely honest

We don’t care that much.


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