The postseason’s here!

Here’s each second round series

Rendered in haiku.

Patrick Division Championship (Capitals at Rangers)*

Caps beat NYI

Only to draw NYR.

This time, New York wins.

Flortheast Championship (Lightning at Canadiens)*

If Stamkos wakes up

This one could be exciting.

If not, it’s all Price.

Canadafornia Championship (Flames at Ducks)*

The Flames are so cute!

Everyone’s rooting for them!

They’re gonna get crushed.

Flyover Championship (Wild at Blackhawks)*

Platooning goalies:

A dangerous strategy,

But Hawks make it work.

How Many Games Will the Winners Need?

Ducks should win in 5.

Canadiens in 7.

Rangers, Hawks in 6.


Add to each preview:

“Unless a goalie gets hot –

Then all bets are off.”

All You Really Need To Know

Beards and injuries

Both increase as time goes on.

Health’s the X factor.


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