NHL Will Consider Expanding


By now, it’s no longer news that the commissioner Gary Bettman and the National Hockey League are open to an expansion team in Las Vegas. Since late last year, there’ve been rumors, talks and hopes for an expansion team in Sin City. Back in February 10th of this year, prospective NHL Las Vegas owner William Foley launched a highly successful ticket campaign. Five weeks ago, Bettman had said that the drive could reach the 11,000 buyer mark.

Whether or not an expansion team will really be granted to places like Vegas remains to be seen. However, the NHL has announced the opening of the formal expansion process and will listen to proposals, according to sportsnet.ca. Among other favorites in the running are Seattle and Quebec City.

This was what Bettman had to say about the then-possible expansion process during the Stanley Cup Final:

If after our discussion in June where I’m going to report where all of the expressions of interest stand, including what Las Vegas has been able to accomplish with the ticket drive, if the board has any interest in pursuing it, my recommendation would then be to open a formal expansion process. The board may say, ‘That’s interesting, but we still don’t want to do anything.’ That’s an option. And even if they green light a formal expansion process, it doesn’t mean we’re going to expand. It means we’ll go through the steps of looking through things, and the conclusion at the end of that process could be very well, no expansion. So it would just be a question of possibly looking at the expressions of interest and looking at them a little more seriously than we have.

Again, all possible expansion teams are just speculation still, at this point. However, given the success of hockey in certain markets, it will be interesting to see whether the expansions will really come through.

Should the League have more expansion teams? Do you agree with the proposals? Where would you like to see an NHL expansion team? We want to hear your opinions so feel free to vote in the poll and comment below!


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