NHL-Adidas Deal Could Mean Ads on Jerseys


It was announced yesterday that the National Hockey League had reached a new long-term NHL jersey deal with Adidas. Beginning 2017-18, Adidas will take over its corporate cousin Reebok — which it owns — in making team uniforms for all 30 teams.

However, with this deal, there is now speculation that Adidas could be putting advertisements on the team jerseys, just like the uniforms in the European hockey leagues.

No, just no. There really is no reason for there to be ads on the uniforms, other than business reasons of course. If the League really wants to rake in more money, they can find other ways of doing so, like supporting the struggling franchises.

Let the team jerseys stay the way they are. Let them retain their team history and authenticity as actual sporting organizations. The last thing we, as fans, want to see are players skating up and down the ice as billboards.

Sure, there may be people who will be buying their team’s jerseys anyway regardless of the ads. In my opinion, though, I don’t think it’ll bode well for the League from the fan perspective.

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