2013 NHL Entry Draft Do-Over: MacKinnon is Dropped to 2nd Pick


The entrants of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft will be entering into their third season this year. Some of these players made an instant impact at their franchise and others are still developing in the minors.

If the NHL teams were to do-over the 2013 draft, knowing the performances that the entrants would put in, and assuming that they wouldn’t budge from their positional needs, this could have been how the 1st round of the 2013 draft turned out.

  1. Chicago Blackhawks, Right Winger

2013 Draft – Ryan Hartman

Do-Over Draft – Anthony Mantha (20th)

Hartman’s glimpse of the NHL has allowed the Blackhawks to take the highest ranking right winger, who hasn’t had any NHL time so far. He now looks to be making a decent claim for Detroit’s roster, and is apparently NHL ready.


  1. Dallas Stars, Centre

2013 Draft – Jason Dickinson

Do-Over Draft – Jason Dickinson (29th)

Dallas are being careful to nurture Dickinson, hoping the result will be a long time Star, most likely spending the majority of his time on the second line. With Dallas’ super attack of Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn and now Patrick Sharp as well, they can afford to let their young talents grow in the minors.


  1. Calgary Flames, Left Winger

2013 Draft – Morgan Klimchuk

Do-Over Draft – Kerby Rychel (19th)

Calgary manage to steal the second highest rated left winger in the 2013 draft, all the way down at 28, a bit of justice after their superstar Sean Monahan has proven himself to be top pick worthy. Kerby Rychel got 3 points in just 5 games for Columbus last season, but is expected to stay in the minors this season to further improve his game. Rychel may well be an NHL player by now if he was drafted by the Flames, and joined their youth revolution last season.


  1. Columbus Blue Jackets, Right Winger

2013 Draft – Marko Dano

Do-Over Draft – Ryan Hartman (30th)

Hartman was originally drafted by the current Stanley Cup champions, the Chicago Blackhawks, and as predicted, their strong lines have held Hartman back from the NHL a bit. He did manage to get a little taste of the league in his 5 appearances though. In this do-over, Columbus need to step down to get their centre, who scored 21 points less than their 2013 pick, who managed 21 points.


  1. Anaheim Ducks, Defender

2013 Draft – Shea Theodore

Do-Over Draft – Shea Theodore (26th)

The two-way defenseman will remain in the AHL this season with the San Diego Gulls, so that he can improve his physical skills. He’s expected to make his way into the Ducks line up next season. Anaheim had a terrific playoff run last season and their defence looks pretty solid, so they can afford to allow Theodore to continue his development in the minors.


  1. Montreal Canadiens, Right Winger

2013 Draft – Michael McCarron

Do-Over Draft – Emile Poirier (22nd)

Thanks to their lower winger picks getting some ice time, Montreal would get to snap up higher ranked Emile Poirier instead of McCarron. Poirier managed a +1 in 6 appearances for Calgary last season and so earns a pick over the Habs’ 2013 selection, who is yet to skate in the NHL.


  1. Vancouver Canucks, Left Winger

2013 Draft – Hunter Shinkaruk

Do-Over Draft – Jacob de la Rose (34th)

Another of Montreal’s later wide forward picks getting snapped up early in the do-over. De la Rose was given 33 chances to set the rink alight last season and he managed to slap in a fair 6 points. He obviously has a way to go yet but he didn’t underperform when given his chances. Shinkaruk is expected to spend another year in the AHL before he gets his NHL chance.


  1. Washington Capitals, Left Winger

2013 Draft – Andre Burakovsky

Do-Over Draft – Anthony Duclair (80th)

Washington’s original selection has performed well enough to warrant a pick higher than the one he got in 2013; meaning that the Caps need to dip down to the lower rounds. Anthony Duclair has developed much quicker than his draft pick would suggest. The New York Rangers managed to tap in on Duclair’s surprise value in a trade to acquire top rearguard, Keith Yandle.


  1. Calgary Flames, Right Winger

2013 Draft – Emile Poirier

Do-Over Draft – Sven Andrighetto (86th)

In the do-over, Calgary are the first team to dip below the first round, by snapping up Montreal’s Andrighetto. The Swiss righty started to peak his way into the Canadien’s lines last season. He only got 3 points in 12 games but, that’s more than what Poirier could manage. Flames actual pick achieved 1 point in 6 games so in the do-over, Flames would pick up Andrighetto over Poirier.


  1. Toronto Maple Leafs, Centre

2013 Draft – Frederik Gauthier

Do-Over Draft – Frederik Gauthier (21st)

Toronto’s top centre right now is Nazem Kadri, a smaller, more skilful forward. Gauthier is a 6’4’’ behemoth, who excels defensively and on faceoffs. There’s a great chance that he’ll make the Leafs side this season, providing a key defensive attribute to their 3rd or 4th line. But he’ll have to contend with other big centres like newly acquired Shawn Matthias.


  1. Detroit Red Wings, Right Winger

2013 Draft – Anthony Mantha

Do-Over Draft – Marko Dano (27th)

The Red Wings would opt for a previously lower picked right winger, Marko Dano, who has put in some great shifts for the Blue Jackets last season. Everyone knows about Detroit’s aging forwards and integrating talented young players as soon as possible will be vital to them maintaining their incredible consecutive playoff streak.

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets, Left Winger

2013 Draft – Kerby Rychel

Do-Over Draft – Andre Burakovsky (23rd)

Burakovsky has managed to push his way into Washington’s lines, managing to get 22 points and a +12. This has earned him a 4 pick promotion. Were CBJ to do-over draft him, they’d be receiving a player who scored just one point less but is much younger than, Matt Calvert, one of Columbus’ low line left wingers.


  1. San Jose Sharks, Defender

2013 Draft – Mirco Mueller

Do-Over Draft – Ryan Pulock (15th)

The Sharks are another beneficiary of their lower pick player putting in decent NHL performances. The shame for Mueller was that he made his debut during San Jose’s worst season in 10 years; he finished on a -8 but looked confident and composed when he was on the ice. Unfortunately for Pulock, a groin injury made the decision to send him to the minors a simple one, but now he’s fighting his way into the New York Islanders roster and looks NHL ready. Pulock would be a very strong addition to the San Jose Sharks’ 2015/16 transition season, if the do-over draft were to happen in real life.


  1. Ottawa Senators, Right Winger

2013 Draft – Curtis Lazar

Do-Over Draft – Curtis Lazar (17th)

The Senators get to keep their prized right winger in the do-over, as his performances have been second best of all of the 2013 draft’s right wingers. Like fellow righty Nichushkin, Lazar only really has one season of stats in the NHL, but he put up 15 points and finished on a +1.


  1. Buffalo Sabres, Defender

2013 Draft – Nikita Zadorov

Do-Over Draft – Josh Morrissey (13th)

It may be because they’ve been rock bottom of the league for two years running but, Buffalo have been giving their young stars a fair crack at the ice, which has resulted in some of them putting in decent performances. Zadorov is one of those players. His performances made him a valuable asset in a trade with Colorado, to acquire one of the best young two-way centres in the league, Ryan O’Reilly. In the do-over, Buffalo draft higher pick Morrissey, who would have, based on pre-draft rankings, become better than Zadorov, had he been given the same chances.


  1. New York Islanders, Defender

2013 Draft – Ryan Pullock

Do-Over Draft – Samuel Morin (11th)

Morin is the first defender, in the do-over draft, to fall due to having played 0 NHL games. But he stays as the 6th defenseman picked due to his original draft position. This results in a step up in potential for the Islander’s pick.


  1. Columbus Blue Jackets, Centre

2013 Draft – Alexander Wennberg

Do-Over Draft – Max Domi (12th)

CBJ end up doing a straight swap with the Coyotes, with their original pick, Wennberg, performing so well. They end up with sleeper, but higher rated, centre Max Domi.


  1. Winnipeg Jets, Defender

2013 Draft – Josh Morrissey

Do-Over Draft – Darnell Nurse (7th)

Originally selected second out of blueliners, Nurse’s lack of NHL action has dropped him down to 13th, which would greatly help Winnipeg now, as they’ve traded away Zach Bogosian, their previous 3rd overall pick.


  1. Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes, Centre

2013 Draft – Max Domi

Do-Over Draft – Alexander Wennberg (14th)

Domi is expected to have his breakout season this year, but so far he’s been honing his skills in the minors. Wennberg however, had a solid 20 point rookie season last campaign.


  1. Philadelphia Flyers, Defender

2013 Draft – Samuel Morin

Do-Over Draft – Nikita Zadorov (16th)

As is the way with most defensemen, it takes a couple of years for them to be physically ready for the NHL, but Zadorov has developed a bit earlier than most, earning him a 5 place rise in the draft, in this do-over.


  1. Dallas Stars, Right Winger

2013 Draft – Valeri Nichushkin

Do-Over Draft – Valeri Nichushkin (10th)

Dallas had a chance to take the best right winger in the draft, and they did. The Russian had a fantastic rookie season, but last season he underwent hip surgery to cure a soreness that he had sustained. His performances during his first campaign were good enough to solidify him as the best righty in the class.


  1. Vancouver Canucks, Centre

2013 Draft – Bo Horvat

Do-Over Draft – Bo Horvat (9th)

Turns out that Vancouver picked the next best available centre. Horvat played 68 games for the Canucks this season, sealing 25 points, not bad for a rookie season. The 6’, 205 lbs centre provides a strong, physical presence, despite only being 20 years old.


  1. Buffalo Sabres, Defender

2013 Draft – Rasmus Ristolainen

Do-Over Draft – Mirco Mueller (18th)

With their blueliner moving up a spot, Buffalo dip down 10 picks to get the next best thing. Mueller put in some good performances for the Sharks last season, and ranks as the 3rd best defender in the class. Usually defenders take a little longer to develop into NHL players, as Nurse has, but these higher pick sides need NHL ready players sooner rather than later.


  1. Edmonton Oilers, Defender

2013 Draft – Darnell Nurse

Do-Over Draft – Rasmus Ristolainen (8th)

As Oilers, somehow, didn’t have a first pick in this draft, they pretty much had to go for a defender. Their original selection, Nurse, has only played twice for the Oilers since. Ristolainen has performed second best out of the class’ defensemen and played semi-regularly for his real team, Buffalo, in his first season. But if you’re for more first overall picks, you can’t play your good new defenders.


  1. Calgary Flames, Centre

2013 Draft – Sean Monahan

Do-Over Draft – Aleksander Barkov Jr. (2nd)

Unfortunately for the Flames, they don’t get to redraft their star man as he’s well out performed his pick number. They do however get to pick up originally second overall, who has put some decent numbers, and played a good amount of games in his two NHL seasons. Barkov has needed a bit of time to grow into the league but, he is prized by his current club, the Panthers.


  1. Carolina Hurricanes, Centre

2013 Draft – Elias Lindholm

Do-Over Draft – Elias Lindholm (5th)

Carolina’s pick would be the third centre selected in the draft and, as it turns out, they made the most of that pick by getting Lindholm, who has performed the third best of all of the centres drafted.


  1. Nashville Predators, Defender

2013 Draft – Seth Jones

Do-Over Draft – Seth Jones (4th)

Seth was clearly the top defensive prospect in this draft and he’s proven himself, in the NHL, to still be top of his class. He’s now a solid member of the Predator’s beast defence force.


  1. Tampa Bay Lightning, Left Wing

2013 Draft – Jonathan Drouin

Do-Over Draft – Jonathan Drouin (3rd)

There wasn’t much choice in Tampa’s first round pick. The next left winger didn’t get picked until 19th. Despite only playing one season, mostly on the lower two lines, Drouin has proven to be the best left winger in this draft class, as he was originally tipped to be.


  1. Florida Panthers, Centre

2013 Draft – Aleksander Barkov Jr.

Do-Over Draft – Nathan MacKinnon (1st)

MacKinnon has just been edged by Monahan in terms of NHL performances but he’s still a fantastic prospect at centre, which Florida would lap up if they had the chance to do-over.


  1. Colorado Avalanche, Centre

2013 Draft – Nathan MacKinnon

Do-Over Draft – Sean Monahan (6th)

Monahan was drafted quite harshly initially, falling all the way to 6th, but his performances in the last couple of seasons have made him the best of his draft class. Although MacKinnon has a few more points than him, Monahan spends a lot less time in the penalty box, and came into a much weaker side.



If somehow the teams knew the stats that we know today, some of them may have deterred from their positional needs, and some may have stuck with their original picks for the player’s potential but, this is all entirely theoretical and purely based on the player’s NHL performances so far.

It’s still quite interesting to think how much better Sean Monahan could have done, had he been drafted by the Avalanche, and had their superior forwards around him.

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