Sharks’ Patrick Marleau is Staying in San Jose

Patrick Marleau when he was alternate captain, courtesy of

As of last night, Hockey Night in Canada’s Elliote Friedman had brought up potential trade speculation that San Jose Sharks star forward Patrick Marleau has reportedly been spoken about by other teams. It was talked about briefly by Sharks Insider Kevin Kurz, who writes for, on Sharks Pregame Live, who also tweeted about it:

As well as fellow Sharks fan and reporter for, Chelena Goldman, who chimed in with this:

Eventually, after the 1-0 loss to their division rivals, the Anaheim Ducks, the 36-year-old himself was asked about it, though there wasn’t much:

Certainly not surprising for one of the two franchise players who, ever since last year, has been adamant about staying in San Jose, especially since his wife and family loves it here in the Bay Area. Could he be on the move eventually? Maybe, given that the Sharks get a good quality return for him (which is doubtful given that this is Doug Wilson we’re talking about here unless they fire him and get a new general manager). Right now, though? Doug Wilson would be out of his mind to pull the trigger on a possible trade involving Marleau.

Granted, Marleau hadn’t had a particularly good year last season (and quite frankly, neither did the whole team really), but he’s still a valuable asset to the Sharks. When he’s not scoring goals, he’s doing all the other things like skating hard on the back check. Most importantly, though, it’s his speed that still makes him one of the more effective players in the League. Not many players out there can outskate him. When he gets that going, look out because he can fly by you at a moment’s notice.

One thing about him that is concerning, though, is his streakiness. Of course, he’s not the only one who suffers the consequences of not being able to control when he gets hot and cold on the score sheet. We’re talking about one of the fastest team sports in the world, and the way the modern game is played these days, with the structure, there’s no doubt that players will have those stretches of games where they either can’t hit the net, keep hitting consecutive posts and crossbars, or face a hot goalie or great defensively structured opponent they just can’t get goals on. That’s going to happen. For Marleau though, fairly or unfairly, that’s always going to be a talking point among hockey analysts, as well as his inability to get it done in the playoffs sharing that same criticism with former captain Joe Thornton.

Regardless, I don’t see why the Sharks would trade him now. Yes, I know that the Sharks got off to their usual great start, winning four straight and then stooping down to their usual inconsistencies again, but I honestly think it won’t happen. In fact, I actually liken this to last year’s trade speculation on Thornton. It never happened and most likely won’t happen any time soon or ever. For Marleau, he’s been a lifelong Shark, drafted 2nd overall back in the ’97 NHL Entry Draft, and a cornerstone for this franchise. If the Sharks feel the need to trade him after this season given they fail to make the playoffs for the second year in a row, they might be in for a rebuild which is fine by me considering I honestly have no idea where the hell this team is at at this point. But again, for right now, he’s staying in teal.

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