All-Star Game Controversy: Shame On You, NHL

Former Arizona Coyotes forward and All-Star captain John Scott, who was selected by the vast majority of hockey fans to go to the All-Star game in Nashville on Jan. 31st, was one of the few players excited to go to the ASG. According to the article written by Puck Daddy’s Josh Cooper, Scott wasn’t rattled by the controversy surrounding the amount of fan votes piled upon him. No. According to the enforcer himself, he was going for his family.

Unfortunately, today that plan was ruined by 3-player trade involving the Coyotes, Montreal Canadiens, and Nashville Predators. While I’m sure all three teams had their other needs and necessities (although the Habs clearly lost out on such a one-sided trade), according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie… well, I’ll just let you read his tweet for yourself:

Here’s more:

As I certainly would too, Bob. As I certainly would too if I were him.

See, here’s the thing. We all know John Scott isn’t a very good hockey player. It’s been proven before, and he’s had a bad rep from his past of being a pest. Truth is, that’s kind of his job as an enforcer, other than at least try to play some decent hockey.

However, in this case, that’s not the point. Why do sports leagues have an All-Star Game? Why? Clearly, it’s for all fans, players, coaches, and the Leagues, as well as the players’ families to have fun, regardless of whether or not they actually do. The NHL opened the All-Star voting earlier in the season to let us fans pick and choose who we want in the All-Star Game, right? It’s been that way for quite some time now. But to forcefully kick John Scott out of the All-Star Game when 1) he was voted in by the fans, 2) his family encouraged him to go, and most importantly, 3) he never ASKED to be in the All-Star Game (no one really asks for it anyway), that’s a bush-league move, NHL. Oh, and I almost forgot, his wife is expecting to have twins, making all this unnecessary drama hard on him and his family.

He’s a freakin’ human being, for Christ sake! I don’t give a sh*t how much he earns as an NHLer/AHLer. I don’t care how much time of ice he gets, how many points he’s scored over the course of his career. That stuff doesn’t matter in this case, and it shouldn’t!

If the NHL didn’t want John Scott to be in the All-Star Game, they shouldn’t have opened fan voting to begin with. They shouldn’t have even had fan voting. Just pick and choose whoever the hell they want to make the All-Star Game, or in this case, whoever’s “eligible” to be in the ASG.

This was bush-league. It all would have been for laughs, especially since it’s all for fun anyway, but nope. Fun’s over. Right, Gary Bettman? Shame on you for ruining a good thing, NHL.

Also, since we’re on this subject, I don’t know if anyone from here at INUK is going to be covering the trade from today, but here’s Darren Dreger’s tweet:


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