John Scott Will Captain Pacific Division After All

Last time I posted for INUK, I expressed my bitter outrage on how the NHL disregarded fan vote and were destroying John Scott’s and his family’s lives. All over twitter, people were divided into those who were just as bitter as me that John Scott was being forced out of the All-Star Game, and those who thought the fans who voted him into the game were just flat-out stupid.

Well, now, us John Scott supporters have our way again as the NHL has announced the enforcer will after all be captaining the Pacific Division. Huge win for us, him, and his family.

You see, the All-Star Game may have been created for “skilled” players, but in reality who the hell gives sh*t? I mean, seriously, the majority of hockey fans don’t even watch the ASG ’cause it’s absolutely meaningless. However, with the heart set back in to a now joyful John Scott — I would assume — we now have a reason to watch the most meaningless game of the NHL season. Well done, Scott. You do you.

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